Clinical trials on oncology studies- a review

  • D.Blessy Jyothsna Saroja Interns , Clinosol research pvt ltd, Hyderabad
  • Sampreethi Harikeerthi Interns, Clinosol research pvt ltd, Hyderabad
  • V.C.Randeep Raj SAS Programmer, Visakhapatnam


Clinical trials plays major role in making the drug safety and effective for the patients suffering from diseases. Cancer disease is one of the leading causes of deaths. Oncology clinical trials are very crucial for the patients, as this might be the only hope for the survival. However, eligibility criteria decides the patients participating in the trial and all the patients should be screened molecularly. There are certain barriers that shut out the patients from enrolling in the clinical trials. Age, gender, race, family status, literacy also affects the patient’s participation into the trials. Of all the population participating in clinical trials, elderly population represents almost 25-30%. There are different phases in the clinical trials like Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3 and Phase 4 with different criteria and different endpoints. Phase 1 aims on safety, phase 2 aims on efficacy, phase 3 aims on the therapeutic effect of drug, whereas phase 4 deals with the long-term effects of the drug in the market.

Keywords: Drug safety, Clinical trials, Cancer


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