A review on: medicated chewing gum


Chewing gums are the type of mobile drug delivery systems. It is useful by means of administering drugs either locally or systemically through, the oral cavity. The treated chewing gum has through the times gained adding acceptance as a medicine delivery system. As compare to that chewable tablets treated epoxies aren't supposed to be swallowed and it can be removed from the point of operation without resort to invasive means and treated biting gum. MCG is solid, single cure medication. The end of this review is to gives an overview of gum composition, manufacturing process, and characterization. Due to the failure of studies concerning the evaluation of the mechanical parcels of MCGs, lesser effect was placed on the available performance tests and procedures for the estimation of their mechanical and textural parcels. It can be used either for original (mucosal) treatment of mouth complaint or for systemic (transmucosal) delivery by direct intra oral immersion through the buccal mucosa.

Keywords: Chewing gums, medicated, oral, Nicotine replacement therapy


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