The Journal of Multidisciplinary Research <p>The Journal of Multidisciplinary Research</p> South Asian Academic Publication en-US The Journal of Multidisciplinary Research 2583-0317 <p>Copyright © Author(s) retain the copyright of this article.</p> Wastewater Management Techniques: A Review <p>The wastewater treatment research is based on industrial processes and agricultural<br>wastewater treatment methods. Most of the river basins are closed to severe water storages, brought on by the simultaneous effects of agricultural growth, industrialization and urbanization.&nbsp;In these research the aerobic, anaerobic or the combination of methods used. Other than that an adsorption and coagulation have been applied to remove the pollution. The research on chemical industrial wastewater treatment was first studied on organic removal efficiency of a lab scale system using aerobic and anaerobic reactors. The aerobic waste water treatment as a reductive medium is receiving increased interest due to its low operation and maintenance costs and aerobic waste water treatment is easy to obtain.&nbsp;The primary goal of the wastewater treatment process is to eliminate various pollutants such as solids, organic carbon, nutrients, inorganic salts, metals, pathogens and so on effective wastewater treatment and disposal are critical for both environmental and public health reasons. The aim of wastewater treatment is to protect the environment and waste water management. The many research papers on wastewater pollution control studies, but very few research works is carried out for treatment of wastewater. The beneficial aspect of this paper is recycling, reuse of water. The industrial wastewater is divided into four categories: Chemical, Physical, Biological and mathematical approaches. In this main focused on the Biological methods viz. Aerobic and an aerobic.</p> Dipak Puri shaikh yasmeen Wanare Ashwini Bharti Shubhangi Copyright (c) 2023 shaikh yasmeen 2023-05-21 2023-05-21